Former employee claims VooDoo BBQ management fell behind on mortgage, forcing closure weeks before Christmas

Voodoo BBQ employee concerned after restaurant closes without notice

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Another Baton Rouge business shut its doors for good Sunday morning.

VooDoo BBQ & Grill on Nicholson Drive near LSU hung a sign on their front doors stating the restaurant is no longer open for business as of Sunday, Dec. 1.

Voodoo BBQ
Voodoo BBQ (Source: WAFB)

WAFB has reached out to the restaurant’s owner and is waiting for a response.

An employee reached out to WAFB, who says management called her Sunday morning and told her the store was closing for good. She claims the owner told her he was behind on his mortgage. The former worker says the owner called her an hour before her shift.

“You had all morning to call me and give me a heads up. You waited until I’m going to get up and come to work to tell me,” the employee said.

The employee also claimed the restaurant was open Sunday night. She says she wishes she would have been given notice so she could find another job, especially with the holidays coming up.

“I feel like he should have at least given us two weeks advanced or 60 days notice before he just cut off his employees without a word,” the former employee said.

College kids and a few parents worked with her at the bar. She says VooDoo was busy for LSU’s last home game, which is why this closure comes as a surprise. But what hurts is that Christmas is around the corner.

“My son’s birthday on the 23rd and Christmas on the 25th. It’s just like, I don’t have anything. I can tell him that he’ll understand,” she said.

This former VooDoo worker says finding a job isn’t the issue, it’s the process of landing it. And making sure her kids have a happy holiday is what hurts her mother than anything, “When you wake up in the morning on Christmas and you have toys, knowing you’ve been a good child. It makes me feel good for my child to feel good.”

VooDoo BBQ has another location in Baton Rouge on Drusilla Lane.

According to the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC), “Capital Region establishments reporting to the federal government as ‘restaurants and other eating places’ have seen year-over-year growth in recent years. The total number of restaurants reported in 2015 for the Capital Region was 1,241 and grew to 1,427 in 2018."

VooDoo BBQ opened its first restaurant in New Orleans in 2002. The restaurant chain is known for its barbecue dry-rubbed with Cajun, Creole, and Caribbean spices.

The closure comes after two other businesses recently announced their closures earlier this week. These businesses were Mr. Ronnie’s Donut Shop and Mellow Mushroom on Burbank.

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