St. Vincent De Paul’s holiday helpers lend a helping hand

St. Vincent De Paul’s holiday helpers lend a helping hand

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Tons of families celebrated Thanksgiving at the River Center with St. Vincent's De Paul's Holiday Helpers.

“I’m thankful for having life and having my kids in my life,” said a mother eating with her family. “I’m celebrating Thanksgiving, and I want to celebrate with my mom and my brother,” said a little girl eating with family.

Those families were able to enjoy a hot meal thanks to generous volunteers.

“I came out here to volunteer and to give back to the community. We should celebrate it every day and be thankful that we’re here,” said Joy Scott-Clark from California.

Boys and girls with the Louisiana Youth Challenge Program (YCP) made sure each family received a warm welcome by applauding visitors at the door.

“It feels amazing to help people. It feels good because right now we can’t be with our families on Thanksgiving because we’re working on ourselves, so helping people small makes us feel good,” said a YCP student.

St. Vincent De Paul also provided Thanksgiving lunch in the main building’s dining hall.

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