Lines already forming at Baton Rouge stores ahead of Black Friday

Lines already forming at Baton Rouge stores ahead of Black Friday

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - As Thanksgiving festivities continue, hundreds of shoppers in Baton Rouge are already flocking to stores ahead of Black Friday.

More than 165 million Americans say they are likely to shop either in-store or online this Thanksgiving weekend, according to the latest holiday survey from the National Retail Federation. That figure is up slightly from last year when similar estimates called for 164 million to shop during the 5-day period.

“Every holiday is Black Friday for me,” William Jordan, a shopper, said.

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Best Buy managers in Baton Rouge estimate 500 people stood in line for hours, waiting for the store to open Thursday evening. Letting only 50 people go into the store at a time.

“Black Thursday. Yeah, because it’s not Friday anymore. You come on Thursday. After you eat, you come and you get in line, to get what you need,” Cekeisha Williams, a shopper, said.

Brent Deloach said he waited in line since 11 a.m. Thanksgiving morning.

“Then when you get all your good stuff, then you start back over and start getting all your stuff that you really didn’t have to have. Like you’ve got to get Pokemon, without a doubt,” Deloach said.

Many people came out purchase televisions, and WAFB saw some shoppers grabbing computers, and just about anything with Apple on it.

“I went and got my little brother a hoverboard for Christmas. He actually told me today that he wanted one, and I saw it, so I went ahead and grabbed it. And I got a printer,” Grant Griffin, a shopper, said.

“I got an iPad. I got my son some games, and I also bought my wife an Apple Watch,” Nick Jackson, another shopper, said.

Some folks said they left their family at home, so they could nab the Black Friday deals.

“Actually, it’s a tradition for my wife, but she drug me out here. I’d rather be watching the (Saints) game right now, but of course, if I hurry up and get this, then I can get home to the game,” one shopper said.

For some, shopping on Thanksgiving night is now a family tradition.

“We eat, literally we eat, and then we go shopping, and that’s literally how it goes,” Williams said.

“Actually, the past few years, me and my friends have stayed out all night shopping and stuff. But I don’t think we’re going to do that this year,” Griffin said.

Everyone hoping that a little extra money off some of this year’s hottest items, is worth putting the leftovers aside for a few hours.

Best Buy is open until 1 a.m. Thanksgiving night.

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