Shoppers checking things off their last-minute Thanksgiving Day lists

Grocery stores busy with last-minute Thanksgiving shoppers

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Many people may have waited until Wednesday night to do some last-minute grocery shopping right before the big meal Thursday. WAFB’s Lester Duhé visited a few hot spots.

At Tony’s Seafood, a ton of people were picking up fried turkeys for Thanksgiving Day, and the lines at Hi Nabor Supermarket were long as well, with everyone trying to check things off their last minute lists.

Frozen turkeys at Hi Nabor Supermarket
Frozen turkeys at Hi Nabor Supermarket (Source: WAFB)
Tony's Seafood was busy Wednesday filling orders for Thanksgiving.
Tony's Seafood was busy Wednesday filling orders for Thanksgiving. (Source: WAFB)

The lines were so packed at Tony’s Seafood, sheriff’s deputies were even directing traffic outside. Most people were there to get a fried turkey, and maybe even some sides.

“The taste is real good, good, good, and I love it,” said Sheron Green, a shopper.

“Fried turkey... I get one every year and they’re really good,” said Dee Toliver, another shopper.

Tony’s converts their huge crawfish pots, where they can fit 14 turkeys inside at once, able to cook about 84 birds an hour.

“This week [we’ve sold] probably in the 1,800 range, pretty much. We had about 1,100 that went out today,” said Darren Pizzolato with Tony’s Seafood.

Many people say they’d rather buy a bird already cooked so all they have to do is reheat it on Thanksgiving.

“Very easy, because I do not do turkeys,” said Toliver.

Over at Hi Nabor on Florida Boulevard, the checkout lines were long and the baskets were full of food.

“We got some ground meat, some mustard greens, some season blend, and some, you can’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without them sweet Hawaiian rolls,” said Kenya Whitmore, a shopper.

Darrell Guillory is the manager of that Hi Nabor store and has been there for 22 years. He says the store has been crowded all day.

“Mustard greens, they’re getting the hams, turkeys, they’re getting all the fixings, getting our Hi Nabor dinners, you name it, they’re coming for it,” said Guillory.

These shoppers were trying to check everything off their lists.

“Shrimp, bell peppers, mustard greens, collard greens, Jiffy cornbread mix, onion, margarine,” said Cynthia Robinson, a shopper.

“I got whole turkey wings, I’m going to do some spaghetti and cheese, we doing chitterlings, well, that’s all for me,” said Sharmekia Jackson, a shopper.

“This going to be a mirliton casserole; crab meat, shrimp, and ground turkey,” said Eric Hollins, a shopper.

“Well, we have green beans, we have corn, and we’re going to do roast turkeys, ham, all kinds of stuff,” said Brenella Reed.

They’re all hopeful their signature dishes for Thanksgiving will come out perfectly.

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