ACTION JACKSON: Woman recovering from rare disease needs help widening door frame to fit wheelchair

ACTION JACKSON: Woman recovering from rare disease needs help widening door frame so new wheelchair will fit

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge woman reached out to WAFB’s Action Jackson to share her story. She says she has battled several diseases over the past two decades, one of them limiting her mobility. She now has a chance to get her life back, but says there’s a new obstacle in her way.

Life takes unexpected turns sometimes.

“It’s kind of difficult for me to see myself in the wheelchair, because I still see myself walking again one day,” said Monica Taylor.

For Taylor, that turn came nearly 20 years ago while pursuing her masters degree.

″In graduate school is when I found out I had lupus. I just started taking the cab to class because I could no longer ride city bus," Taylor said.

But things would only get harder for Taylor; she soon learned that she also had CIDP, a rare disease that causes nerve damage and neuropathy.

“I went from using crutches to not being able to feel anything. I lost feeling from my hip on down,” she said.

But Taylor refused to give up. After years of treatment, she started regaining feeling in her legs.

“I knew right there when I did that, I knew right then God has something for me somewhere. God is not through with me yet,” said Taylor.

In October, she received a motorized chair to help get back to some type of normal life. Unfortunately, Taylor says she cannot get the chair through the brick door frame of her home.

“My goal is to go law school, but how can I do that if I can’t even get out the door?” she asked.

Taylor says she reached out to several government funded agencies, but did not qualify to get financial aid to have the doorway widened.

“Just an inch on each side is all I need,” she said. “Doing this would open up a lot of doors with me opening that door first and going outside. That’s the main door to open, and it would allow me to finish my goals I started.”

Taylor says she’s hopeful someone with masonry skills will hear her call for help as she continues to rebuild her life.

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