ACTION JACKSON: Residents fed up with illegal dumping off of North Flannery Road

ACTION JACKSON: Residents along N Flannery Road fed up with illegal dumping

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Dec. 3 update: Since airing our 9News Report, Jack Fridge, the owner of Express Waste in Denham Springs, removed the waste bin, along with the trash. Fridge says he recognized the container after some of his containers went missing this summer.

“A couple of month ago, we started noticing that our cans were missing after we did a can count. It was probably about five or six of them that were missing, and we just started finding them in different locations in random spots, and every time they ended up being full. I guess people noticed and started filling them up,” said Fridge.

Fridge says he believes there may still be 1-2 waste cans floating around, which they are hoping to recover soon.

“If you see our cans and they look like they're in the suspicious area please call us and let us know; our number is on the side of the cans. If there is no number, if it's an orange can, then it's our can,” said Fridge.

If you would like to report a container to Express Waste, you can call (225) 243-6000.


Trash and debris on the side of the road is not the sight Robertine Collier wants to see when she comes home from a long day.

“Who wants to come into a subdivision with this type of debris hanging,” Collier said.

Collier lives in the Sugar Mill Ridge subdivision off of North Flannery Road. She says she has passed this eyesore every day for nearly three months.

“It’s overwhelming and it needs to be something needs to be done,” Collier said.

She says she tried calling Louisiana Containers Incorporated, the company that owns the overflowing bin but she says she can never get through to a representative.

“Every time I call it lead me to a dead-end number, so I don’t know who else to call,” Collier said.

I also tried calling the number on the bin but only got a loud buzz. I found a couple more numbers for the Alexandria-based company, but none of those worked either.

“You work all day and you don’t want to come home to debris right in front of the entrance of your subdivision. A lot of people work very hard back there,” Collier said.

“People are just dumping all their trash and debris, beds and everything else up there on the property,” says Ruth Newcomer, who is another concerned neighbor.

“It’s at the entrance of the subdivision so we want to get it out ...which would increase the value of a property,” Newcomer said.

Newcomer says if the bin stays, things will only get worse, “It will encourage people, okay they’ve got a dumpster we can just put and dump our stuff everywhere.”

Newcomer and her neighbors say they are hopeful the city will put cameras in the area to fight illegal dumping. “If they have cameras they can get license plates when people do that,” Newcomer said.

“I hope that they can find a solution by putting a camera up to start catching some of the people who are doing this,” Collier said.

I checked with the mayor’s office to see what they can do to correct this type of situation.

Officials say they are enforcement codes to get the company to remove the bin and debris.

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