Deep scrub underway at area schools due to flu

Area schools using Thanksgiving break to deep clean classrooms

ASCENSION PARISH, La. (WAFB) - While your kids are at home for the Thanksgiving break, some schools are using the time to make sure classrooms are free of germs and the flu virus.

“We know we’ve certainly seen in our schools about double the number of students going home for fever,” said Jackie Tisdell, spokesperson for Ascension Parish School System.

Custodian takes extra care to clean every surface.
Custodian takes extra care to clean every surface. (Source: WAFB)

Crews are scrubbing germs from all the tiny cracks and crevices.

“We have 3.5 million square feet to clean across the district, 28 schools,” Tisdell said.

It’s day two of cleaning for the custodians. The district says they always give the schools a good deep clean when kids go home for the break but the normal routine took a backseat to the sniffles and flu-like symptoms going around. That’s why the district went a step further.

“You have to wipe down doors, desks, chairs, countertops, door sills” Gregory Scott, Facility Foreman Ascension Parish School System.

Over 30,000 desks will be disinfected. The floors got a good mopping, too.

“It’s a tall order," said Tisdell. "It’s a lot of work but we’re going the extra effort this Thanksgiving break just to make sure we try to do our part to reduce the threat.”

Just about every place you may over look when it comes to disinfecting was left shiny and new. Even the cart that holds the laptop got a little attention. With that in mind, parents should strongly consider washing everyday school gear.

“Maybe you don’t wash your jacket every day or sweatshirt," Tisdell noted. "Wipe down the backpacks, wipe down those lunch boxes. Throw the shoes in the wash.”

So before the pitter-patter of 23,000 kids are heard running through the halls, parents can hopefully rest easy knowing the school is working to keep the germs away.

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