Six veterans awarded free medical cannabis treatment for one year

Cannabis for Warriors awards six veterans medical cannabis for one year

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - For Veterans Day this year a group called Cannabis for Warriors funded free treatment for a year for six veterans.

Zaak Thibodeaux founded Cannabis for Warriors, in part, to help end the alarming number of suicides and overdose deaths among veterans by providing safe and affordable access to medical cannabis or CBD..

"Our core mission is to help veterans and first responders find a natural, safe relief, safe way to treat their mental and physical ailments," said Thibodeaux.

For him, it was a dream for six veterans to receive a year of free treatment.

Air Force Veteran Katherine Hymel says in just four days she saw dramatic improvement.

"It makes a tremendous difference. I'm now able to do things I couldn't do before just because pain got in the way. I don't get high. I just feel like I’m ready to go to be just like I would any other night and then in the morning I wake up very refreshed," said Hymel.

Those who helped fund the treatment include Medicis Pharmacy and Modern Medicine, which evaluates patients for possible use of medical cannabis.

Dr. Dan Butler says for some it's transformative.

"I have some people using medical cannabis to get off opiates, and they've been successful at that. It also works on Parkinson’s disease, it works on epilepsy, glaucoma, autism," said Butler.

Medicis pharmacist James Thibodeaux says results are impressive.

"Life-changing for people. They're able to sleep better, they’re able to go out in public, go to public places without the social anxiety or triggers that may cause flashbacks, whatever it may be. Sure you can read about it, but when you start getting the patient interaction, start hearing stories and seeing how well it's working for people it's very encouraging," said the pharmacist.

Cannabis for Warriors says they hope people will see the good the medication is doing for veterans’ quality of life.

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