Judge denies motion for mistrial for cop killer

Grover Cannon’s attorneys had argued that his paranoia makes it almost impossible to defend him

Judge denies motion for mistrial for cop killer
Earlier this week, jurors convicted 31-year-old Grover De'Aundre Cannon, of Shreveport, of first-degree murder for gunning down Shreveport police Officer Thomas LaValley four years ago. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. (Source: KSLA News 12)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Testimony on Day 2 of Grover De’Aundre Cannon’s sentencing hearing briefly was interrupted when his attorneys filed for a mistrial on the basis that the convicted cop killer is mentally ill.

Cop killer Grover Cannon's attorneys move for a mistrial

They argued that the 31-year-old Shreveport man suffers “clear mental delusions” that leave him with “inability to rationalize what’s happening” and that his paranoia and talk of conspiracy are making it practically impossible for them to defend him.

The Caddo District Court judge denied the motion for a mistrial.

Earlier today, a neuropsychologist and a pediatrician testified that Cannon has been diagnosed with prenatal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Cannon’s sister discussed their parents’ problems with drugs and alcohol.

And someone who once knew Cannon described him as having devilish dark eyes that “look right through you, like something’s not right.”

KSLA News 12′s Stacey Cameron is tracking the case:


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