Coco Orgeron details her son’s biggest night as a head coach: ‘He dreamed it, and it happened’

"His dream came true." Ed's mother, Coco Orgeron, recounts LSU's magical run in 2019

LAROSE, La. (WVUE) - “His dream came true. He dreamed it, and it happened. Oh that was beautiful. He was emotional, we were all emotional. He goes mama, mama, he says we won."

It’s been nearly two weeks since LSU beat Alabama, but Coco Orgeron still lights up when she describes her son’s biggest win as a head coach.

“Geaux Tigers! That’s so cute when he does that,” said a beaming Coco.

Everyone north of the Bayou Lafourche was afraid LSU’s hiring of Ed Orgeron in 2016 would go south quickly.

“I don’t think he let’s that bother him. He has a drive in him. You don’t lower yourself to their expectations. You elevate yourself to your expectations. That’s how Cajuns look at themselves,” said Coco.

Now mama, she's a little different. Don't go after her boy.

“Yes. Now you speaking of my child. That’s a little bit different. I can’t tell them anything, because I would be going down to their level. But I would like to. I really would. Would like to tell them what I think. They’re on our bandwagon now.”

Coco is obsessed with LSU Football. In her living room, of course the Tigers were front and center on TV. We watched O’s weekly press conference, and she gave us some insight into the 2019 team.

It’s got to be pretty gratifying to see your son?

“To elevate all the way to where his dream wanted to be. Oh Lord yes, you feel so good for him.”

You like watching Joe throw the ball?

“I like that. I like that No. 22. Man can he run. I couldn’t believe that was his height, 5′8″. Oh my God, doesn’t that give hope to some little kid.”

There’s only one thing missing from this magical ride for the Orgeron family. Coach O’s father, Big Ed, is no longer around to witness the Tigers run for a national title.

“He misses his father, and that he can’t be in that joyous winning. He always says that. You know, whatcha gonna do. Cancer took him.”

Big Ed loved Coco, his children, and the LSU Tigers. He would sit on this swing, proudly talking about his sons accomplishments until his final days in 2011.

“I rarely go sit on it, oh the memories. It’s hard. That’s life. You got to accept it I guess. Whatcha gonna do. If he would be there, oh what a life we would have.”

Coco knows her husband would be proud of their son this season. She hopes Coach O can take his Tigers to the National Championship in New Orleans.

“I got my dreams. I hope I’m sitting in the Dome one day.”

But just like her son, she mixes in some coach speak when it comes to title talk.

“But we got to play it one game at a time."

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