Mobile crane moves in to remove precarious crane at Hard Rock

Hard Rock Crane Update

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Progress in the effort to remove the wreckage of a massive construction crane that’s been dangling over Canal Street for nearly a month. Two new large cranes have been moved into position to begin removing the wreckage at the Hard Rock site.

The massive crane was moved on-site today to try and take down the other crane which has been dangling from the hard rock for nearly a month as tempers here wear thin.

Since Oct 20th the crane called the Alpha crane has been dangling over Canal Street ever since explosives were detonated in an effort to secure it, but now new crane’s are in a position to remove the threat and possibly open more of Canal Street.

Two blocks of Canal Street remain shut down due to the partial collapse at the Hard Rock hotel construction site, and business owners are getting frustrated.

We asked Cleo’s restaurant owner Tarak Madkour, “How far has your business dropped?” 50 to 80%," he said.

But there are positive signs on the street as work crews rig up a larger crane which the city says will be used to remove the damaged one perched 18 floors above Canal Street.

The hope is by removing the threat they can open up more Canal Street businesses, but some business owners say it might be too late.

"Because of Hard Rock business is down all the way to the river. The city needs to do something," said Madkour.

The city has offered SBA loans but many say they need more.

Work crews spent most of Tuesday rigging up the massive repair crane so that it will be long enough to get in position to secure the damaged screen. The actual retrieval operation of that damage crane is not expected to begin tomorrow and could take several days.

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