New crane in place at Hard Rock site to secure remaining crane over Canal Street

New crane in place at Hard Rock site to secure remaining crane over Canal Street
Crews at the Hard Rock site are moving a crane into place that will facilitate securing the demolished crane over Canal Street. This could help shrink the evacuation area and allow some businesses along Canal to reopen. (Source: City of New Orleans)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Crews at the Hard Rock collapse site Tuesday moved a new crane into place to help secure the demolished crane over that still hangs over Canal Street.

The plan is to create a smaller evacuation area, which would allow some businesses and pedestrian traffic on Canal and Burgundy Street to reopen.

For nearly a month now, the damaged construction crane has dangled 18 stories over Canal Street.

The massive, heavily weighted crane moved onto the 1000 block of Canal Street as they made preparations for another precarious operation.

The new mobile crane has to raise more than 18 stories in order to take down the old damaged crane. According to the city, this operation could take three more days and downtown business owners are ready for some relief.

Cleo’s restaurant is located on the edge of the collapsed site and has remained open, but business has gone down more than 50 percent, according to the owner, Tarak Madkour.

“You have to move fast, unfortunately, there’s no department to handle this type of situation and that’s bad for the city,” Madkour said.

The collapse shut down more than a dozen businesses and has impacted many others.

The actual retrieval operation of the damaged crane could take several days and city leaders say they expect to see the controlled implosion of the entire Hard Rock Building in about nine weeks. That means around mid-January. It’s also around the same time New Orleans is scheduled to host several high profile events like New Year’s Eve, Sugar Bowl and even the College Football Playoff Championship.

Rampart Street from Iberville to Canal streets and Iberville Street from Burgundy to North Rampart streets will remain closed through the implosion.

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