President Trump congratulates Gov. Edwards on reelection in private phone call

President Trump congratulates Gov. Edwards on reelection in private phone call

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - President Donald Trump called Governor John Bel Edwards to congratulate him on winning reelection Monday (Nov. 18) afternoon, an Edwards staffer confirmed to WAFB.

Despite tweeting almost 40 times Sunday, Trump did not mention the Louisiana governor’s race and has not made any public comment on the results. Edwards’ Republican challenger, Eddie Rispone, repeatedly linked himself to the president, who won Louisiana in 2016 by around 20 points.

Trump has typically been quick to claim responsibility for Republican victories, or take credit for narrowing the margin of defeat in Republican losses. Edwards has visited Trump’s White House nine times, and the governor has refrained from publicly criticizing the polarizing president.


“I want to hit [Edwards] strong because, what the hell? He hates me now,” Trump told a crowd in Bossier City during this third visit to Louisiana to campaign on Rispone’s behalf. “I don’t know. I don’t think he ever liked me, though he used to be really nice in person.”

But Edwards has consistently maintained he has a “good working relationship” with the president, and noted it would be foolish to let political differences damage their relationship. He said Trump’s attacks did not bother him because “it’s the political season," and the president is "doing what the party has asked of him.”

The president told Edwards he “ran a helluva campaign” during his phone call Monday, according to The Advocate newspaper.

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