World Prematurity Awareness Day this Sunday

Sunday is World Prematurity Awareness Day

WESTLAKE, La. (KPLC) - Two-year-old Bryson Milburn is all smiles.

A premature baby, he was born at 29 weeks, one of the nearly ten percent of babies born prematurely in the United States, and like many premature babies, he has cerebral palsy that was recently diagnosed.

“It all happened so fast,” said Todd King, father of Bryson Milburn. "One day he was fine, and the next day we got a speech doctor saying that he might have cerebral palsy. We take him to the doctor to see the doctor and the doctor says yes.

The doctor advised Bryson’s parents to take their son to New Orleans to get an MRI.

“They done an MRI on his brain and on his spine for scholiosis also," said Tyler Milburn, mother of Bryson Milburn. "And when we got the MRI results, the cerebral palsy was something that we could work through with braces but he has an arachnoid cyst that is behind the main artery of his brain that is full of fluid that will continue to grow.”

Next week, Bryson will return back to New Orleans to re-check the status of his cyst. Since the cyst is growing near the optic nerve, if doctors find that the cyst is touching the nerve, Bryson will go into immediate emergency surgery.

“He’s going through a journey that’s going to be very difficult,” Milburn said. “I want to share my story. I want to let other parents know that hold your children tight and love them because you never know.”

Bryson is often in a doctor’s appointment, either in Sulphur or in New Orleans. Even with his developmental delays, Bryson’s favorite things are trying to walk and playing shopping with his dad.

“I mean it’s very scary but I pray for my little man," King said. "I just try to be strong for him and it pays off. He’s a good young man, and very strong and a good fighter.”

World Prematurity Awareness Day is this Sunday, Nov. 17. If you want to learn more about the outcomes of premature birth click here.

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