West Feliciana parish president pushing to rededicate portion of existing sales tax dollars during election

Voters in W Feliciana Parish to make decision on sales tax

WEST FELICIANA PARISH, La. (WAFB) - West Feliciana Parish voters will decide Saturday, Nov. 16 if they want to keep paying a sales tax, and if they want some of that money to go towards roads and bridges.

Propositions 1 and 2 are two half cent sales taxes renewals and a proposal to change where some of that money will go, while also keeping the same services at the West Feliciana Hospital.

Parish President Kenny Havard says it’s not a new tax.

“The hospital has been generous enough to work with the parish to give up a quarter percent of their sales tax, so that quarter percent will actually double my roads and bridge budget,” said Havard.

He’s hoping residents vote yes Saturday, saying there’s a number of projects to complete and bridges out of order, some even from the flood of 2016.

“So we have some federal monies that’s coming in, and state monies that’s coming in. With that, we have to have match money as well, so this will help us meet our matches and do those sorts of things that we need to do,” said Havard.

The folks over at West Feliciana Hospital say the renewal and rededication allows voters to get more services for the same cost, while Havard says it will substantially increase the bridge and road budget.

“Right now, our road and bridge budget for just gravel and concrete and asphalt is about $195,000. It will go to $455,000,” he said.

Havard says this election is crucial for the parish’s future.

“It’s [roads and bridges] top priority for us. It’s going to change everything for us and the parish. I would just like to remind everybody to, I can’t tell them to vote for it, but I can tell them to please get out and vote on November 16,” said Havard.

Both Proposition 1 and 2 need to pass in order for this rededication to go into effect.

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