Exclusive WAFB Poll: Most Louisiana voters oppose impeaching President Trump

How do Louisiana voters feel about possibly impeaching President Donald Trump?

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The impeachment debate is pretty much all over network television these days, however, the same folks that conducted WAFB’s exclusive poll on the governor’s race also asked voters about how they feel about potentially impeaching President Donald Trump.

One of the president’s biggest supporters weighed in on it all Monday, Nov. 11 in Baton Rouge.

Six hundred and twenty-five registered Louisiana voters gave their opinions in WAFB’s exclusive statewide poll by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy.

It shows President Trump is still popular in The Boot.

One of the polls questions to Louisiana voters was: “Do you recognize the name Donald Trump?" (IF YES) “Do you have a favorable, unfavorable, or neutral opinion of Donald Trump?”

  • 54% of the people polled have a favorable view of President Trump
  • 33% view him unfavorably
  • 13% are neutral

The next question the poll asked was: “Do you support or oppose impeaching Donald Trump and removing him from office?”

  • 33% support impeachment
  • 62% oppose impeachment
  • 5% remain undecided on impeachment

“I want to talk a little about impeachment,” said Senator John Kennedy.

Kennedy, one of the state’s two Republican senators, spoke at the Baton Rouge Press Club on a variety of topics. The most pressing issue was whether to remove the president from office.

"I think what the speaker is doing is very dangerous. This will be the first partisan impeachment in the history of our country, and I worry it is going to elevate partisan impeachments to a new normal," said Senator Kennedy.

His responses are expected.

Both Senator Kennedy and his Republican colleague, Senator Bill Cassidy, are very loyal to the president, and likely to oppose any impeachment proceedings moving forward.

“So for me there are only two questions that need to be answered, and they’re both inextricably linked. The first is why did the president ask for the investigation? And the second is, what did Mr. Hunter Biden do for the money?” said Kennedy.

This comes as the next phase of the impeachment inquiry begins this week with open congressional hearings.

The entire poll was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy on behalf of the six Louisiana Gray Television stations.

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