Restaurants prep for biggest game of the year

Restaurants, bars prepping for LSU vs. Alabama game

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - LSU vs. Alabama is one of the biggest games of the year, and all week, businesses have been getting ready for the crowds.

John Geiger, general manager of Red Stick Social, says they’re excited and ready for their first LSU vs. Bama face-off.

“We’re really looking forward to as large as a crowd as possible. One thing we definitely don’t want to do is run out of stuff, which we have been ordering up all week to make sure we’re as good to go as possible,” said Geiger.

Even businesses that have hosted watch parties for the past LSU vs. Alabama games say this is one of their busiest weeks.


“With it being a Bama week, it starts on Monday. We got our crews out early and getting everything set up. We’ve been getting calls all week wondering what time people need to get here,” said Dustin Loveless, manager of Walk-On’s on Burbank.

Both businesses say they’re open to Alabama fans, but warn they should tread lightly.

“We’re welcoming of everyone, even if they unfortunately like Alabama,” said Geiger.

“I don’t know if tomorrow is the best time to show up. I wouldn’t recommend, or at least don’t wear the colors in here,” said Loveless.

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