Grace Health and Rehab residents create GameDay of their own, and have a favorite LSU player

Longtime LSU fans recreate College GameDay and talk about their favorite LSU player

SLAUGHTER, La. (WAFB) - College GameDay may be in Tuscaloosa Saturday, but some longtime Tiger fans treated a crowd to their own version Friday, Nov. 8 in Slaughter.

The old saying, “age is just a number”, is true for the fans at the Grace Health and Rehab Center, and they’ve got a favorite player as well. If you thought these folks would just be relaxing on a Friday, you’d be wrong. The staff at the center made their own GameDay set for the residents, with an East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy as the celebrity guest picker.

College GameDay at Grace Health and Rehab

That deputy picked LSU to win the game, and these women went wild.

“I think we’re [LSU] going to win by seven points, but we’re going to beat them [Alabama],” said Annie Enlow, a resident.

The center was decorated with dozens of different GameDay signs the residents made.

"The only Tide that will be rolling. Geaux Tigers."
"The only Tide that will be rolling. Geaux Tigers." (Source: WAFB)
"Bama fans would hate this sign if they could read!"
"Bama fans would hate this sign if they could read!" (Source: WAFB)
"We have more teeth than Bama fans."
"We have more teeth than Bama fans." (Source: WAFB)
"I missed bingo for this!"
"I missed bingo for this!" (Source: WAFB)
"What controls the Tide? The Moon!"
"What controls the Tide? The Moon!" (Source: WAFB)

The staff at Grace Health and Rehab Center say they’ve been planning this since last Friday, with gumbo, snacks, games, and fun.

“I don’t have words for how today even happened. It was just amazing. The community came together and our staff and residents, we had a blast. They’re already hitting me up to do another if the Saints make it to the Super Bowl,” said Jessica Stott, director of nursing at Grace Health and Rehab.

Stott says getting to experience this unique tailgate is priceless.

“I just hope that I’m able to do what they do at their age. We just wanted to have fun with our residents. This is our family,” she said.

And as for these ladies’ favorite player... “So I hear someone has a little crush on Joe Burrow, or is that someone else?” questioned WAFB’s Lester Duhé.

“Well, a little bit,” said resident, Patricia Free.

“Why is that?” asked Duhé.

“Because he [Burrow] has a cute behind,” said Free.

“Yeah they [television] showed his butt,” said Carolyn Nelson, another resident.

These women are proving you’re never too old to be a Tiger fan. The nursing home plans to watch the big game Saturday, Nov. 9 at the center.

They say they would love to get a visit from Coach O or Joe Burrow in the future.

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