Police on high alert, patrolling streets and giving out candy on Halloween

Law enforcement in Zachary keep trick-or-treating fun and safe for area residents

ZACHARY, La. (WAFB) - While your kids dressed up to lurk the streets in search of Halloween candy, first responders were on high alert to keep everyone safe.

Lt. Ray Day has been with the Zachary Police Department for 25 years and says Halloween is one of his favorite times of the year because he gets to interact with the community.

“We ride around and meet and greet the public, letting them know that protection is around every corner,” said Lt. Day.

For Halloween 2019, his police unit was a hot topic. With a stockpile of candy, he looked for any trick-or-treaters in the neighborhoods he patrolled in.

“They come to you, they talk to you, and we let them know that we’re human too. We’re not machines, we’re moms and dads, and uncles and grandfathers, all the things that they have in their family, we’re those people too,” said Lt. Day.

And this day was one of the best parts of the job.

“We see so many people on their bad days, that we don’t get to see these days very often. Christmas, Halloween, a few little things that happen around Thanksgiving. But, this is the fun part of what we do for a living,” said Lt. Day.

So many different costumes were seen in Zachary. Children all dressed up in their favorite Halloween costumes, and families spending time with one another.

“During these times, is when everyone’s running around. They’re happy, They’re joyful. [They have a] more fond spirit to be around,” said Day.

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