Top 10 reasons to donate blood

During the Beat Bama Blood Drive

Woman impacted by tragedy commits to helping others through blood donations

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - WAFB is proud to partner with Our Lady of the Lake for our Beat Bama Blood Drive on Saturday, November 2 through Friday, November 8.

Are you nervous or on the fence about heading to a local blood donation drive and giving blood?

Here are the top 10 reasons to get over your fear and donate blood:

1. Save a life

Blood donor recipient Kourtney Peel (L) visits OLOL Blood Donor Services, just months after her life was saved thanks to blood donations in the Baton Rouge area.
Blood donor recipient Kourtney Peel (L) visits OLOL Blood Donor Services, just months after her life was saved thanks to blood donations in the Baton Rouge area. (Source: Allison Childers)

You may not have the cure for cancer but you can help keep someone alive while they’re waiting for a cure. Someone somewhere is praying for their loved one to make it through the night. Donating a unit of your blood will give someone the best chance of survival. Every time you donate one pint of blood it helps save three lives.

2. Save your life

Karma is calling. Someday you may need someone to do the same for you. Statistics show 25 percent or more of us will need blood at least once in our lifetime (Source: AARP).

3. Save your family and friends

OLOL offers Blood Assurance plans designed for families, businesses, organizations, churches, and other groups. Blood donors are rewarded by providing a supplement to existing insurance that helps to cover the charges for blood, should it be needed. The plan includes unlimited replacement coverage for specific individuals on a yearly time frame and coverage for blood used at any hospital in the country. For more information, please contact (225) 765-8843.

4. Health

Donors receive a free medical check along with blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, iron level, cholesterol, and prostate cancer screening for male donors upon request. Blood is also tested for 13 infectious diseases like HIV, West Nile Virus, hepatitis B and C, and syphilis.

5. Live longer

Blood donation could make you live longer. Studies show that people who volunteer and perform altruistic acts live longer, healthier lives (Source: Harvard). Plus, studies show that donating blood may lower the risk of heart disease and heart attack because donating helps maintain a steady iron level in the body. Donating also helps in the production of new blood cells.

6. Financial

Donating blood is free. Plus, as an incentive, OLOL offers a $15 credit per unit of blood donated toward a patient’s outstanding bill. OLOL also replaces blood credits used in any hospital in the U.S. within the National Blood Exchange.

7. Helping the community

Donating blood is a compassionate gift for your community. Blood donated at Our Lady of the Lake Blood Donor Services or one of their Mobile Donation Drives stays in the state of Louisiana to help local patients in need. Donated blood is used for patients at OLOL, as well as Woman’s Hospital, Lane Regional in Zachary, St. Elizabeth in Gonzales and Lordes in Lafayette.

8. Emergency preparedness

Maintaining an adequate blood supply in our community secures blood transfusions for patients and ensures enough supply during disasters or emergency situations.

9. Relaxation

While you donate, you get to sit back and relax for 20 minutes or more, while listening to music or chatting with other donors, all with the satisfaction of helping those in need.

10. Free stuff (snacks, juice and t-shirts)

Who doesn’t love a growing t-shirt collection? OLOL is giving donors a proud purple t-shirt to support the LSU Tigers ahead of the big game against Bama. Don’t miss out on your free Beat Bama Blood Drive t-shirt. Plus, enjoy free snacks like cookies, fruit and juice after you give blood.

If you’re healthy and can give blood, you should. Your health is a gift that you’re bestowing on someone who needs to survive. Donating blood can be its own reward.

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