Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet School teachers surprised with new Chromebooks

Teachers surprised with new Chromebooks

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Three teachers at Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet School got quite the surprise Thursday, Oct. 24 when they were presented with brand new Chromebooks, courtesy of Louisiana Healthcare Connections.

Tanya Dargin, an 8th grade Louisiana history teacher was one of the recipients.

“I am so excited to have my Chromebook,” Dargin said. “For whatever reason, the one I had at home doesn’t work very well, so the one that I have now that I’ve been blessed with today, I can use it while riding in the car, grading papers for my students, emailing parents, and all that wonderful stuff we can do with Chromebooks.”

Not only will it help make her job a little easier, it will help her connect with the students outside of the classroom.

“We use the Chromebooks so much and the things that we do at home. People think that teachers go home and that’s the end of the day and we’re still working to 12 o’clock at night, we wake up in the morning doing lesson plans, grading papers, and it’s all, everything is on the computer now, so it’s, I’m blessed to have my Chromebook,” Dargin said.

Louisiana Healthcare Connections provided the Chromebooks for the teachers at the request of the school.

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