Sadie Roberts-Joseph honored with Unsung Hero Award

Civil rights activist, community organizer honored with 2019 Unsung Hero Award

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Sadie Roberts-Joseph possessed a smile that so many loved. Now, the goodness behind that smile is being appreciated and remembered.

Known for her work as a community and civil rights activist, Roberts-Joseph is one of nine people honored with the 2019 Unsung Hero Award at the Go Red Gala. The gala was put on by the Community Against Drugs and Violence (CADAV) organization.

“I quite expected she was going to be on the list. That’s a whole different level of volunteerism and community service,” said honoree Parry Matt Thomas.

Earlier in 2019, Roberts-Joseph was tragically killed.

Her death garnered national attention and the investigation continues to be a major talking point. However, at the gala, the focus was her remarkable contributions to an organization that aims to clean up the city.

“There’s some people whose shoes you’re not worthy of unloosen[ing] and she is one of them. She was as towering a figure in Baton Rouge for racial reconsideration and racial justice, as there was in town,” said fellow honoree John Nolan. “So I’m greatly honored for my name to be mentioned in the same breath as hers.”

“She was a beautiful soul and a beautiful person,” said Katrina Dabney, an honoree who said she grew up in Roberts-Joseph’s footsteps. “I learned so much from her and I know if she was here, she would just be so happy to see me receive this award. I’m so grateful to have [been] able to meet someone like her.”

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