18-year-old elected to Iberville Parish Council: ‘Some people were saying that I was too young, but most of the people believed in me’

18-year-old elected to Iberville Parish Council

PLAQUEMINE, La. (WAFB) - When WAFB caught up with Raheem Pierce in March, he was a senior at Plaquemine High School who was planning a run at the Iberville Parish Council.

Now, a few days removed from the primary elections, Pierce is going to be a councilman for District 6.

“I was just myself, I don’t know, I sold myself,” Pierce said. “Some people were saying that I was too young, but most of the people believed in me,” said Pierce, who is now 18 and a freshman at Southern University.

He says he is mostly enrolled in online classes which allows him to work at his family’s snack shack and eventually serve on the council.

“I’m not the typical 18-year-old,” Pierce told WAFB. “I’m vibrant, I’m young, I’m accessible and I’m ready to get things done. It’s all about getting things done.”

Pierce won his race in a landslide, winning a whopping 60 percent of the vote in a four-man race.

“I expected a win, but not that big of a gap,” he said. Part of Pierce’s formula was some family love. His campaign manager was his grandma, Kiease Becnel. “He and I are so close. I’m closest to him,” Becnel said. “We’re so close people say we don’t have a grandmother-grandson relationship. We’re just close.”

It’s the first election Pierce was able to vote in and it’s also the first time Becnel has been a campaign manager. Becnel said they ran a low-expense campaign.

“It was our first try and like I told him, it was just a two-man team,” Becnel said. “We had the family in the background but he and I did a lot of the forefront work.”

Pierce says he wants to add more transparency to the council. “I plan on doing quarterly meetings with my constituents, keeping them informed and letting them know what’s going on.”

Becnel says that this biggest obstacle they faced was Pierce’s age, but they were confident he could do the job. “If you can go join the military at 18 and fight for your country, why can’t you fight for your community at the age of 18?” said Becnel.

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