Robbery suspect gives stolen cash to cops, later returns for money and is arrested

Sulphur Police arrested Jeremy Moll, charging him with false imprisonment, armed robbery and...
Sulphur Police arrested Jeremy Moll, charging him with false imprisonment, armed robbery and aggravated assault.(Sulphur Police)
Updated: Oct. 15, 2019 at 10:59 PM CDT
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SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - Sulphur Police say they were dispatched to Rouses on Carlyss Blvd on Tuesday, October 8 for a robbery that happened around 11:50 p.m.

“Officers spoke with the victims who say they were closing up for the night, leaving the store and basically they were approached by a black male covered head to toe with a gun,” Police Chief Lewis Coats said. “He approached them and told them to call the manager and have them open the doors. They call the manager and walk to the doors, he walks around the side of the building and as they open the door, he runs in and takes them hostage.”

Sulphur Police say the suspect instructed the employees to put their cell phones in a pile on the floor and asked them where the safe was. Police say after a manager told him where the safe was located, the suspect held the employees at gunpoint and took them to the safe, where he told them to put money in a bag.

The suspect took over $4,000 in cash and $500 worth of stamps and left, according to authorities, and that’s when employees called law enforcement.

Authorities say early Wednesday morning Woodworth Police pulled the suspect over for a traffic violation. While conducting the traffic stop, Woodworth Police say the officer “observed numerous signs of a possible burglary or robbery”. The officer says the suspect has approximately $6,000 in a marked Rouses bag with the store number, a plastic handgun, dark clothing and $500 worth of stamps. Woodworth Police say they seized the money and let the man go.

“The driver allowed the officer to collect this as evidence, which the officer did, and then sent him on his way.” Chief Coats said.

The Woodworth Police Department sent out a mass email to nearby law enforcement agencies asking if anyone was working a possible robbery or burglary and Sulphur Police connected the dots.

Sulphur Police obtained a warrant for Jeremy Moll’s arrest.

“They [Woodworth Police] called him in and said look come get your money and he showed up to get it, and we were there to arrest him,” Chief Coats said. “Sometimes in law enforcement, you say pure dumb luck and good police work run parallel.”

Coats says Moll is facing false imprisonment, armed robbery, and aggravated assault charges.

During the investigation, detectives say they learned Moll had just been released from jail and was on probation for similar charges.

His bond has been set at $1.2 million.

Chief Coats says he believes Moll may have committed another robbery, as more money than was stolen at Rouses was discovered in Moll’s car. Coats says they have a few leads and the investigation is ongoing.

Sulphur Detective Jeremy Cain is the lead investigator on this case.

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