St. George residents sound off on incorporation

St. George residents sound off on incorporation
Around 54% of eligible voters in Louisiana's Primary Election supported incorporating St. George, according to Louisiana's Secretary of State's Office. (Source: wafb)

ST. GEORGE, La. (WAFB) - If you take a look around the newest city in East Baton Rouge Parish (EBR), you probably won’t notice anything all that different yet. It’s only the first day since voters said yes to the city of St. George, but you’ll still see the words “City of Baton Rouge” on items like trashcans that have been set out on curbs.

In the Bluebonnet area of the new city, according to complete but unofficial election results from the Secretary of State’s Office, the majority of voters were against the incorporation.

“It’s a little scary. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know really the people who are trying to do this [or] how effective they’re going to be,” said David Earle, who lives off of Bluebonnet and says he voted against the incorporation. “I’ve got to live with it. I don’t like it, but that’s reality.”

On Earle’s street, all the yard signs are gone. It’s hardly reminiscent of an area that just went through a possibly neighborhood-altering election less than a day ago.

It wasn't the outcome Earle, or many in his direct area voted for, but it appears change is happening regardless.

“I don't know what the result is going to be. I don't know,” Earle said. “I am concerned for the future. Change always brings about uncertainty.”

A short drive away in the Woodlawn neighborhood of EBR’s fifth city, significantly more people voted for the incorporation than against it.

Heather Duplessis and her husband Chad moved to the area a year ago. They are parents to two children and say they moved to the area in hopes of a new school district coming to fruition.

“I am most excited for the possibility of a new school system in the near future, hopefully,” said Heather Duplessis.

Heather and Chad agree that it does feel odd that they now live in a new city.

“It’s a little weird with the unknown of things, it makes us a little nervous,” Heather Duplessis said. “But we’re very excited about seeing where Central has gone and where Zachary has gone and we’re hoping that we’re able to go in positive directions just like they did.”

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