OUR TURN: National bullying prevention month

OUR TURN: National bullying prevention month

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - October is national bullying prevention month and the week of Oct. 14-20 has been declared “Stand up for others” week by the organization Stomp Out Bullying. The group points out that bullies have often been found to back down when others stand up for the victim.

Research shows that anywhere between 25-33% of children will experience bullying at some point.

The issue of online or cyberbullying is only becoming more prevalent. So what can we do? Parents, make sure your children know that teasing, taunting or bullying another child is never acceptable. And make sure your children know if they are ever a victim to report it to you or another adult in authority immediately.

Teach your children to stand up for others being bullied. A supportive friend can make a huge difference for a bullying victim.

For helpful resources and additional tips, visit StompOutBullying.org.

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