ELECTION DAY: Breakdown of proposed amendments

A look at the constitutional amendments on the Oct. 12 ballot

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Do you understand the four amendments on the ballot for Election Day (Oct. 12)? Robert Scott, president of the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, explains what they mean.

“The number one most important thing is be prepared before you go into that voting booth, because if you just walk in there and don’t know what these amendments say, it’s not going to be a happy moment for you,” said Scott.

Amendment 1 would give a tax exemption to items moved from Louisiana to federal waters, for example, offshore drilling equipment.

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"The legislature said, ‘Hey, let’s put this on the ballot and make it a state constitutional amendment that says you have an exemption for this particular class of items going to the outer continental shelf,’” said Scott.

Some say this could negatively impact revenue for the state, while others say it could help.

“That’s huge. I’m a big supporter of supporting the statewide growth of businesses, so anything you can do to help our businesses will increase the revenue for our local businesses and help the growth economically,” said Neda Parandian, a Baton Rouge resident.

Amendment 2 would give funding to three Baton Rouge schools: LSU and Southern University Laboratory Schools and Thrive Academy, as well as funding for Louisiana Educational Television Authority.

“It would say look, these schools shouldn’t be left out; we should add them in. Public television is very important. They form a unique role. People who are voting against it would say look, these schools have lots of other resources, we don’t need to be dividing up this fund," said Scott.

Amendment 3 deals with tax disputes.

“This is one in the line of many reforms that have been made in the board of tax appeals to make it more efficient for businesses and for the most part even for the tax collection agency. Both local governments and businesses have favored number three,” Scott.

The opposition says the tax of appeals should not have this judiciary role in constitutional issues.

Amendment 4 would create a residential property tax exemption for affordable housing developments in New Orleans.

“It is key for us to set precedence for affordable housing as we start to get a wave of it here in Baton Rouge as we see increased multi housing projects going on,” said Parandian.

For a full explanation of the four amendments on the ballot, click here.

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