Latest death a reminder of the signs of domestic violence

Latest death a reminder of the signs of domestic violence
Terrell Anthony turned himself in to deputies after allegedly shooting and killing Jessica Clark in Watson. (Source: LPSO/Facebook)

WATSON, La. (WAFB) - The man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend in Watson has a history of domestic violence and even had a restraining order against him at the time he reportedly killed Jessica Clark.

Unfortunately, these situations happen all too often.

“We have a bad problem in this state,” said John Price, director of IRIS, a domestic violence center. “We are second in the nation for the number of women murdered by men.”

Advocates against domestic violence say this case is yet another reminder of the perils caused by domestic violence and should serve as a reminder to look out for the signs of abuse.

“Are they rude to you in public? Do they try to isolate you from your friends? Are they frequently checking up on you, being jealous? Are they physically threatening to you, telling you what they’re going to do to you,” said Price.

He said if you do notice signs of abuse, reach out, and let that person know you are there for them.

“It’s ok to ask about that and say I’m here for you, is there anything going wrong at home, is everything ok? Because sometimes they’re just looking for that person who they trust enough to open up to,” said Price.

He said if they do reach out to you, listen, then refer them to help such as IRIS’s 24-hour Crisis Hotline (225-389-3001). It could save a life.

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