Wealthy counties get many FEMA buyouts of flood-prone homes

Wealthy counties get many FEMA buyouts of flood-prone homes
A new study shows FEMA buys more flood-prone homes in wealthy counties and parishes rather than poorer ones, despite flooding possibly being a more common occurrence in those poorer areas. (Source: unsplash.com)

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A new study finds that FEMA buys flood-prone homes more often in wealthy, populous counties than in poor, rural areas, even though lower-income rural areas may be more likely to flood.

Researchers from Florida, Delaware and California say this is probably because better-off local governments are better at applying for and administering the programs. They say that could keep people who most need buyouts from getting them.

The study was published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances.

A FEMA official says state and local governments decide where buyouts occur.

The study says about one-third of U.S. counties and cities have used buyouts, most of them small.

A researcher says that as climate change raises flood risks, there will be more need to move people and property out of danger.