Two assistant St. Augustine football coaches removed from program

Two assistant St. Augustine football coaches removed from program
(Source: FOX 8 News)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Two assistant St. Augustine High School football coaches have been removed from coaching duties, according to a school spokesperson.

This comes one day after head coach Nathaniel Jones was terminated.

The move has gotten widespread support, and the state high school athletic association has been monitoring the incident.

The changes come amid a video of coaches and players using the n-word, and other vulgar language during a ‘pre-game’ locker room chant.

Jones was fired by the school after the video surfaced.

Melvin Howard has a long history of law-enforcement, first with the NOPD, now with the Orleans Sheriff’s office, and was on the front lines, when St. Aug, an all-black school, played all white St. Aloysius High School at Tad Gormley stadium in 1967, and he says 26,000 people packed the stands.

“And you can understand why because it was the first interracial football game in the state of Louisiana,” he said. Howard was a wide receiver on the 1967 Purple Knight team.

He, and his fellow classmates had to endure vicious racial taunts, often involving racial slurs.

“It was a tough thing to go through, name calling on the field, by players, not all, but some,” said Howard.

Howard was livid when he heard the n- word and other vulgarities, used again, in the video of a pre game chant, not by opponents, but by those attending his alma mater.

“I know what it’s like I went through it, these kids don’t know what it’s like to have two restroom facilities or sit behind a screen on the bus, and I guess some of them don’t really care,” said Howard.

Former defensive coordinator Kenneth Dorsey has been named the interim head coach for the remainder of the current football season.

St. Augustine released a statement earlier this week saying, “We are shocked and embarrassed that such blatantly offensive language would be used at any school event and directed toward our student-athletes and opponents. The words and actions of the coach and the players following his lead do not represent the values that St. Augustine has embodied for more than six decades.”

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