CAUGHT ON CAMERA: School system looks into bus driver filmed speeding down roadway

School bus driver 'spoken with' after being caught on camera speeding down road

LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (WAFB) - Livingston Parish Public Schools officials have “spoken with” a driver captured on video racing down a road.

The video, posted to a Facebook account, was shot by Jody Vicknair on Thursday, Oct. 3 and appears to show a driver following a school bus traveling at accelerated speeds. The driver was on Highway 441 headed towards Montpelier. The bus reportedly reached speeds of about 75 mph while children were on board.

Vicknair admits he was also driving too fast to try to get video of the bus driver speeding, but says it was all in the name of safety.

“I’m not trying to, or wasn’t trying to get anybody in trouble, but we’re talking about kids here. We’re talking about the safety of kids. I have family members that have small children. I have one myself, and that was my number one concern, nothing else was," he said.

“Are you serious right now? 441 [going into] Montpelier! Fire them,” the post reads in part.

School system officials did not identify what specific actions have been taken after the video was posted, but did say they’ve “taken proper procedures.”

It remains unclear which school(s) the bus driver services.

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