New stop signs along Addis service road confuse local drivers

Many drivers in Addis confused by yield signs replaced with stop signs along LA 1 service road

ADDIS, La. (WAFB) - In September, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) replaced yield signs with stop signs at six locations on the service road alongside LA 1 in Addis.

The move is intended to prevent accidents caused by drivers who do not know how to yield, or drivers who do not know that vehicles exiting off LA 1 have the right-of-way.

A DOTD spokesperson says a resident asked the state to evaluate the half-mile stretch between Susan Jean and Rivers Edge drives.

“Stop signs were found to be warranted,” he said.

But local drivers say it’s frustrating to stop six times in such a short distance, noting that traffic along the highway is already bad.

“When you yield, it was alright. You could almost just pass through them and go,” driver, Sherman Joseph, said. “But right now with the stop signs? It’s a pain.”

Johnson and others argue a small number of bad drivers who failed to yield at the appropriate times and in the appropriate places have now ruined the entire stretch of the service road that relieved traffic from LA 1 during rush hour. Worse still, some drivers are ignoring the stop signs altogether. WAFB caught a number of vehicles rolling through the intersections as if nothing had changed.

“If they don’t pay attention, they run right over somebody,” driver, Christina Donnelly, said. “The stop signs kind of came without warning. It was a little surprising.”

When making a complete stop, drivers should feel their cars rock back on the rear axle before they accelerate again.

Commuters in Addis now say they want drivers to pay closer attention to the road signs.

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