Homeowners frustrated about trash pile, look to city for answers

Residents fed up with dumping issue on Poinsettia Drive

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Like anyone else who cares about their home, Dewanna Douglas keeps her lawn in Baton Rouge well-manicured. Her husband even cuts the grass next door because the home is abandoned.

Douglas has lived on Poinsettia Drive for ten years. She says the neighborhood used to be vibrant, but it has slowly filled up with renters who don’t care about the property. For that reason, Douglas says she’s speaking up because she’s tired of her neighborhood being used as a dump.

“Whatever they need to take from their house, they bring it and put it on other people’s property," she said.

Douglas says Poinsettia Drive took a turn for the worse a few years ago, but in the last six months, the trash intake has gotten out of control. This growing pile of trash filled with just about everything you need to furnish a home sits right in front of a vacant house.

The City of Baton Rouge says if homeowners see someone dumping illegally, they should report it to help crack down on the issue. However, the City of Baton Rouge introduced an idea recently that could be the answer. City leaders plan to install hidden cameras to catch wrongdoers in the act.

Homeowners on Poinsettia Drive say this pile of trash is the result of illegal dumping.
Homeowners on Poinsettia Drive say this pile of trash is the result of illegal dumping. (Source: WAFB)

A spokesman for the city says right now, they are trying to determine where the cameras will go and who will monitor them.

Right up the street from the pile of trash on Poinsettia is another problem property.

“I’ve seen the good and I’ve seen the worst,” said Warren Burgmon, who has lived in this same neighborhood for the last 35 years.

A few doors down from her home, mail can’t help but pour from the box since the homeowners left months ago. The lack of care that’s going into keeping the property up makes it an eyesore.

“It’s just bringing down the neighborhood," Burgmon said. “It’s not secure. It’s not safe. I’m worried about rodents getting into the home. You have kids that live next to the home. I’m concerned about their safety.”

These homeowners say they have called 311, but they say so far, the city has not helped. At this point, they have even considered moving.

The City of Baton Rouge says it’s looking into the trash pile complaint filed through the 311 system.

More information about the Red Stick 311 system can be found here.

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