Man who survived bison goring goes on date, his date gets attacked by a bison

OGDEN, Utah (KSTU/CNN) - Kyler Bourgeous was gored and trampled by a bison at Antelope Island State Park in June.

Recently, Bourgeous was on a date at the same park, when he watched it happen again.

His date, Kayleigh Davis, said she wasn't trying to get a selfie or antagonizing the animal in any way. Instead, she was trying to get out of the way of some bikers.

"All of the sudden, I see the bison charging me, so I start running towards the lake away from it, and it flips me up," Davis said.

She hit the ground, fracturing her ankle and her thigh gushed blood from where the bison gored her. Through the pain, she remained calm as she braced for a second attack.

"He was doing that whole paw thing, digging at the dirt like he's going to charge after me again," Davis said.

She remembered what Bourgeous had told her about his own attack and didn't move.

"I've heard from his story - just stay still so it doesn't come charging at you again," she said.

That worked, the animal left her alone and Bourgeous was there to help Davis through it.

"My heart just drops because I know that pain," Bourgeous said. "I was holding her head and squeezing her hand."

When Bourgeous was gored, he suffered from a collapsed lung, broken ribs and internal injuries.

Now that Davis is recovering from the attack, the two are able to laugh about their extremely unlucky odds.

“To me it feels like it would be a one in a million chance,” Davis said. “It could’ve been worse, I could say. I think it could have been worse.”

Utah State Parks officials say to stay as far away from bison as possible, backing away slowly if you do encounter one.

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