Laine Hardy sits down for interview with WAFB ahead of tour kickoff in Denham Springs

Updated: Sep. 26, 2019 at 7:27 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - He’s your typical small town country boy and a teenager who loves time with his friends. Laine Hardy just so happens to also be an up and coming national star.

“I was constantly going and now that I’m able to process everything and just break down everything that happened, it’s really crazy how much stuff I went through,” said Hardy.

French Settlement Native Laine Hardy, 19, is referring to the four months after winning American Idol 2019. Rewind to 2018 when Hardy was first eliminated from American Idol.

“For a second, it stung a little bit but I got to experience a lot of things most people don’t,” said Hardy.

Then earlier this year, Hardy’s cousin asked him to play the guitar for her Idol audition.

“I said, ‘Alright.’ It took me about a week or two to think about it so I said, ‘Alright, I’ll come do that for you’,” said Hardy.

But there was much more in the works for him.

“I wouldn’t be here. Nobody would be here without God. I think that at the right place at the right time kind of thing,” said Hardy.

In fact, Hardy tells us music has been a part of his life since he was about 7 years old. After he was eliminated in 2018, Hardy started spending a little less time playing music, but by helping his cousin, he actually helped himself get noticed again by the judges.

Laine Hardy won American Idol in 2019.
Laine Hardy won American Idol in 2019.(ABC/Eric McCandless)

“We were telling the judges bye when Katy asked me to sing a song and as I was singing, you could see on the TV they were waving a ticket at me. Things happen for a reason and it’s all because of Him,” said Hardy.

So what’s he been doing since then?

“I was in Nashville for about two months and Monday-Friday, I was writing songs with all these songwriters and that was so new to me. I’ve never done that before,” said Hardy.

Hardy said he wants that personal connection to his music so he’s writing his own songs. The biggest question he gets is when will new music be released.

“It’s going to be this year for sure. It’s not going to be a huge album or anything yet because that takes time,” said Hardy.

Hardy was bare foot the entire time for our interview.

“I was wearing shoes so much in Nashville, my feet were starting to get soft,” said Hardy.

It’s why he says he’s the same bayou boy who still craves his favorite meals.

“My favorite thing to do when I’m home is go down the river,” said Hardy. “{My favorite meal} anything my Maw Maw cooks after church on Sunday.”

He loves and respects what matters the most in life -- family.

Laine Hardy and his family
Laine Hardy and his family(Family)

Hugging on his paw paw, Hardy said, “He’s the best grandpa in the world and Maw Maw.”

Still a child at heart, Hardy is truly an up and coming young man who kicks off his first ever three month national tour in his hometown.

“My official homecoming bash is at North Park in Denham Springs,” said Hardy.

While the public may see a star performing on the stage, Hardy plans to use it for much more .

“I now have a platform that I can change people’s lives and anything is possible. You just got to chase your dreams,” said Hardy.

In doing so, he’s proving that the fairy tale can come true -- the tale of a shy, little boy from a small, Louisiana town making it to the national stage.

“I’m really grateful that everybody really supported me because I wouldn’t be anybody, literally because those are the people who got me here. I don’t take the fans or my friends for granted,” said Hardy.

Hardy’s homecoming concert is Saturday, Sept. 28 in Denham Springs at the North Park Pards (30372 Eden Church Road.) Tickets can be purchased by clicking here or at the gate Saturday.

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