Members of Cajun Navy 2016 drop everything to help residents in southeast Texas

Members of the Cajun Navy drop everything to help flooded residents in southeast Texas

BEAUMONT, Texas. (WAFB) - It was an early alarm call for members of the Cajun Navy 2016. One they didn’t expect.

“About 6:30 this morning, when I got up, made my coffee and looked over at my phone and noticed it was vibrating and jumping around that coffee table a lot,” said John Bridgers, who founded the Cajun Navy 2016.

It was a call for help. They’re here in Beaumont with their boats to do search and rescue after Imelda’s rains brought widespread flooding to the area.

“Since about 7:00 this morning we got a Facebook page Cajun navy 2016 and there’s been a tremendous amount of calls to our 1800 number for people requesting rescues,” Bridgers said.

The struggle today is getting to people on the other side of I-10 which has been closed completely.

This is stressful, and they work for free. It’s that Louisiana spirit that pushes them.

“We just like to help our fellow neighbor when people are in dire need of help the people of Louisiana, we don’t just sit on the couch watching TV and have it all unfold before our eyes. We actually get out there and make a difference,” Bridgers said.

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