Say hello to Abita’s new low-calorie IPA

Say hello to Abita’s new low-calorie IPA
Say hello Abita's new low calorie beer, Hop 99. (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Louisiana’s first and largest craft brewery is releasing a “guilt-free” IPA.

Abita Brewing Company says Hop 99, a Light IPA with only 99 calories, is now available for purchase year-round wherever Abita beer is sold.

“Hop 99 is the result of our brewing team and our patrons evolving together,” says David Blossman, President & CEO of Abita Brewing Co. “This beer gave us the challenge to create a flavor-forward, drinkable IPA, while it gives beer drinkers a craftforward, sessionable option that significantly cuts the amount of carbohydrates and calories normally found in an IPA, or any category for that matter.”

Hop 99 is one of the first of this emerging low-calorie, low-carbohydrate IPA style. Mosaic and Citra hops are loaded into Hop 99 to give it a big hop flavor, while pale malts give it a light body and crisp finish.

“As the IPA category continues to change, we wanted to do something different that would appeal to a broader range of beer drinkers, so we took a look at how we can make an IPA an everyday hop-forward beer,” says Abita Brewmaster Mark Wilson.

Abita Hop 99 is available in 12-oz cans, and draft kegs.

Patrons can sample Hop 99 and an array of Abita beer at the brewery’s Tap Room. Guided and self-guided brewery tours are also available throughout the week.

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