How to check your voting precinct ahead of Election Day

How to check if your voting precinct has changed

EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH, La. (WAFB) - We’re less than a day away from the big election, but if you are voting in East Baton Rouge Parish, there are some big changes this year. You could be voting in a whole new spot.

Earlier in 2019, the Metro Council approved changes for voting precincts as required by state law to divide precincts that had grown to more than 2,200 voters.

This action was one of a series necessary to have voting precinct boundaries ready for redistricting after the 2020 census. The Registrar of Voters says some of the changes in polling places were also done for voter convenience and because some polling places are being renovated or have closed permanently.

“Yes, I am a registered voter,” Brenda Chairs said.

If only we all could be like these folks.

“I am registered to vote,” Colin Munn said.

“That’s our people. That’s who’s going to make the laws, going to affect everything that happens,” Rachel Herst said.

These people plan to participate in our democracy by voting, either the day of the election or during early voting.

“It seems more convenient to vote later rather than earlier,” Munn said.

But for Election Day, many voters in the parish will see changes.

“About 30,000 registered voters will find themselves with a new polling place for the upcoming election,” East Baton Rouge Registrar Steve Raborn said.

Those 30,000 voters in 23 precincts will be voting at new places in the Fall, while about 13,000 voters in 11 precincts will have a new precinct number, but will still vote at their usual place.

You should’ve gotten a new voter information card in your mailbox with that info, if you have a new precinct number or polling place.

“I actually just moved, got my card in the mail last week. It’s Copper Mill Elementary,” Herst said.

If you don’t know where your polling location is you can download the ‘Geaux Vote’ app. There you can search by voter or by address, to know where to go on Election Day.

This year Election Day is October 12, which is the same day as the LSU vs. Florida game.

“Candidates have been encouraging people to vote early, to avoid any inconvenience if you wait until Election Day,” Raborn said.

These people know that their vote counts and they’re excited about the upcoming election.

“It’s important for people to lend their voice to the democratic process,” said Munn. “So you all come out and vote. See you at the voting polls,” Chairs said.

Call the registrar of voters at 225-389-3940 for more information.

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