15-year-old boy honored for saving father’s life

Local first responders honored 15-year-old Blaine Campbell for performing CPR on his father on...
Local first responders honored 15-year-old Blaine Campbell for performing CPR on his father on July 7th.(Chandler Watkins)
Updated: Sep. 16, 2019 at 10:53 PM CDT
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SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - A young boy is being recognized by first responders for his heroic act of courage earlier this year.

The Houston River Fire Department and Acadian Ambulance are honoring 15-year-old Blaine Campbell for saving his father’s life. Houston River Fire Department gave Campbell the Louisiana Lifesaving Medal and certification. Acadian Ambulance gave Campbell their Meritorious Service Award certificate and pin.

“On July 7th, on or about 4:30 p.m., Bradley and Blaine were outside in their yard digging a hole for the family dog that had just passed," Dean Lappe, Houston River Fire Chief, said. "While working in the yard, Bradley had to take a break and sat under the carport to cool off. While under the carport Bradley complained about being hot and not feeling so good. Bradley asked Blaine to call his mother, who is a nurse, and Ms. Ashley advised Blaine to call 911.”

Bradley asked his son not make the phone call, but when he tried to stand his arms began to shake and he fell back to the ground. Bradley had gone into cardiac arrest.

“Blaine then called 911 and took direction from the operator and began CPR and continued CPR until his mother, Acadian Ambulance, and the fire department arrived to give advanced life-saving care.” Chief Lappe said. “The American Heart Association has what is called the ‘Chain of Survival’. In the event of a cardiac arrest, there are five links in this chain. The first link of the chain is to recognize. Recognition of cardiac arrest and calling for help. The second link is early CPR. Blaine performed both of these life-saving measures which gave EMS and firefighters the valuable time to get on scene and perform advanced life-saving measures. EMS and Fore were able to regain a heart rate on the scene and EMS transported him to a local hospital.”

“It is hard to put into words exactly what you did,” Billy Vincent, with Acadian Ambulance, said. “It is truly amazing. CPR early recognition and activation of 911 makes the largest difference in survivability in individuals across the nation, across the globe, when it comes to cardiac arrest. This gentleman recognized that and called 911 in a timely fashion. he began CPR and gave this individual the best chance at life. He was revived in large part due to the efforts in which you have done. It makes a huge difference. The quicker you can get on the chest, the more time you give first responders to get there to give those advanced life-saving measures. I cannot thank you enough. On behalf of our community, our parish, our state, for the work that you did to save this individual. We would like to give you a Meritorious Service Award. We congratulate you in your wonderful efforts in saving a life. Thank you so much for what you have done.”

And while Blaine was humble and didn’t have much to say at the ceremony, his actions on July 7th spoke louder than words ever could.

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