'Bizarre’ videos show masked man lurking around Uptown homes

Masked Man
Masked Man(masked man)
Updated: Sep. 16, 2019 at 11:05 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -A Freret area resident captured video he said shows someone trying to break into his home. Yet, it’s the person’s appearance that has most feeling uneasy.

“I think it’s certainly concerning, disconcerting for the neighbors,” Freret neighborhood resident Patrick Vitale said.

A doorbell camera on Jena Street captures seconds of a masked man lurking on someone's front porch.

“Really bizarre,” Vitale said.

For the resident who's camera caught the footage, it wasn't just strange, it was scary.

“You can hear it,” resident Casey Urschel said. “There’s audio in the video as well, so you can hear he is clearly trying to get in.”

Urschel lives near Jena and Saratoga in the Freret neighborhood.

"It's a safe neighborhood but it's not always perfect," Urschel said.

Urschel said residents know each other and look out for one another. So, when he caught the masked man on his Ring video early Saturday morning (Sept. 14), Urschel immediately alerted his neighbors.

“It was really creepy looking so, that’s never a good sign. Obviously, he was trying to hide his identity and probably just trying to strike fear in whoever saw him or on video, or what have you,” Urschel explained.

Through a text chain, Urschel said he learned his neighbor had grainy video of what appears to be the same man, time stamped that same night. Urschel’s video was also shared on a neighborhood discussion forum, where a Broadmoor Resident announced he had his own doorbell video from August 18.

And, the similarities are striking.

“Basically, the exact same video but somebody that lived maybe about a half mile away,” Urschel said.

Though several neighbors complained of recent break-ins, no one had video linking the masked man.

As of Monday evening, New Orleans Police are they are not investigating these incidents because at the time, no one had reported them.

An NOPD representative said the last report filed about a masked man was in June and it wasn’t the same mask.

The residents we spoke to with video surveillance tell us they didn't file a police report but Urschel says, he likely will.

“He was obviously trying to get in for a reason and, luckily, he was deterred but you just never know what people’s intentions might’ve been,” Urschel said.

The Broadmoor resident said he submitted it to police via their Instagram page, but NOPD said that does not constitute as a report and an official investigation can only begin once a police report is filed.

According to city statute, it’s illegal to wear a mask in public unless there’s a special event or it’s Mardi Gras.

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