Nicholson Drive near Tigerland gets safety upgrades

Improvements made to crosswalks on Nicholson Dr after death of LSU student

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Nearly three months after LSU student, Sarah James, was hit and killed by a driver who allegedly couldn’t see her, the intersection of Jennifer Jean Drive and Bob Pettit Boulevard at Nicholson Drive, has been adjusted.

On Thursday, Sept. 12, DOTD crews were out working to repaint the crosswalks and road markings to make it more visible to pedestrians and drivers at nighttime. Entergy was on site too, scouting where they will plant a new streetlight for the intersection. It’s expected to be put in soon.

But students say all of this construction should have happened a while back.

“Yes, like a year, or five ago,” said Aliyah East, an LSU student who also attended Destrehan High with James. “It was unbelievable cause she’s such a good kid and to think that she died over there is kind of crazy. [Improved crosswalks] might fix a little bit of the problem, but people are going to cross the street wherever but it’ll do more justice to the drivers because they’ll be able to see.”

Other students told WAFB they think the area will be safer now and that it was scary to cross before.

The area is on the proposed list of MovEBR projects which would include future widening of Nicholson Drive to become a four-lane road, which would include lighting the area from Burbank Drive to Brightside Drive, according to a city representative.

While James’ parents say they are pleased to see the repainted crosswalks, they are concerned that the MovEBR project that includes four lanes could cause more risk for pedestrians.

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