Louisiana attorney general launches investigation of Google’s business practices

Louisiana joins Google investigation

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - On Monday, Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry is one of 50 attorney generals to launch an investigation of Google’s business practices.

Louisiana is one of several states taking part in the latest antitrust probe of the Big Tech company.

The announcement was made Monday on the steps of the United States Supreme Court, and Landry is part of a coalition of attorneys general involved in the investigation.

The coalition plans to investigate Google’s control of online advertising markets and search traffic that may have stifled competition, restricted access, and harmed consumers, according to an official release from Landry.

“The Internet was once a revolutionizing home for ideas, debate, and content – a place that could benefit countless Louisiana consumers and businesses,” Landry said. “However, Google’s dominance of online advertising and searching may have undermined the free market, harmed consumers, and stifled the free flow of thought and information.”

The announcement comes after one from a separate group of states Friday that disclosed an investigation into Facebook’s market dominance. The two probes widen the antitrust scrutiny of big tech companies beyond sweeping federal and congressional investigations and enforcement action by European regulators.

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