Crime Stoppers app is a new tool to fight back against criminals

Greater Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers makes submitting tips easier than ever with new apps

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Every time a crime happens that law enforcement needs help solving, you will see a reminder to call Crime Stoppers to report any information you may have.

Now, there’s a new way to submit tips while remaining completely anonymous.

The app is called P3 and all you have to do is log in with a simple code, then choose your location, what kind of crime you would like to report, and enter all the information you have. You do not have to include your name, nor can any of the information be traced back to you.

"Those tips are vital and they’re very crucial because those things can open the door for the investigation to move forward,” said BRPD homicide detective, Saundra Watts.

Watts has solved multiple crimes with the help of the tips submitted through Crime Stoppers.

“It could be something that they think is just not necessarily important, like I saw a red car circling the neighborhood and for some people that may not mean anything, but to us, that could be a starting point,” Watts said.

Sid Newman, the executive director of Greater Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers, says anonymous tips have led to more than 13,000 crimes being solved since the 1980s. During that time, every single tipster has remained anonymous.

"At no time have we ever revealed the identity of anybody who has ever contacted Crime Stoppers because we just don’t know,” Newman said.

The tips were crucial in solving a shooting that rocked a nightclub on Florida Avenue earlier in 2019. That tip led to a payday, which is also completely anonymous.

"The person calls, they give their tip, they are assigned a number,” Watts said. “Once that number is generated, they keep that number and they take that number and they go to a bank and they provide that number. Once they go to the bank, they're not asked for any type of identification."

Even though there’s a cash incentive, the tip you submit could help someone else find closure.

"You’re dealing with someone that has just lost their loved one, regardless of the manner of which it may have happened or the circumstances surrounding it, you still want to be able to bring justice to that family and being able to get that information in, build that case up, and get that perpetrator, that suspect in custody,” Watts said.

Click here for more information or to submit a tip online. To submit a tip by phone, call 225-344-7867.

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