OUR TURN: Dorian relief

OUR TURN: Dorian relief

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It’s tremendous to see the spirit of Louisiana on full display as teams from our area head to the coast to help with Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

Other states depend on Louisiana and the expertise here. There are so many reasons why our teams do this. As we heard from some of the men and women headed out to the coast, first and foremost its about helping our neighbors; extending that helping hand to pull them back up. But there’s also another benefit: unmatched training. When Louisiana search and rescue teams deploy and help rescue others, they are essentially training and honing their skills for when they might be needed back home.

Baton Rouge Red Cross crews ready to help with Hurricane Dorian

It’s comforting to know that our state has unmatched resources and expertise in fighting a hurricane’s lasting impact. The impact on the people they touch truly is invaluable and a treasured commodity there and here at home.

In the days to come and once the hurricane passes, chances are you will want to help. WAFB will help guide you to trusted agencies and groups offering help – so you can make sure your donation reaches its intended target.

More times than not, storms bring out the best in people - and the spirit of Louisiana will be there to comfort those who need it most.

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