9News Alert: Don’t let a moving company take advantage of you

Baton Rouge woman turns to moving company but loses thousands of dollars in the process

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Aynn Murray is in the process of moving across town to a new home, but she says that process has been a nightmare.

“Oh my God, it was such a headache,” Murray said. “They came and just threw everything all over this living room, all over the dining room. There’s things on the carport and they left some of my things at the other house.”

Murray is a senior citizen and isn’t able to move her furniture on her own. Murray says she hired a company she found in a phone book called Fast Affordable College Student Movers. She says she had to pay more than $2,200 in cash just for the movers to show up late and not finish the job for which she was quoted. When she asked the company to come back, she says they asked for more money, but she refused.

Now, Murray has to find more people to finish the job just so she can have a mattress to sleep on at night.

“I have no business sleeping in a chair. I have a rod in my back, I have fusions in my back, I’ve had nine-hour back surgeries a couple years ago, and sleeping in there, my back feels like it’s on fire," she said.

There’s no Baton Rouge address listed on Murray’s receipts, but a search of the telephone number online says the moving facility is located at 6350 Perkins Rd., which is where Pennington Biomedical Research Center is located. That location is not a moving facility.

The same phone number also redirects to a website for S&S Moving, which is listed at an address of an apartment building on Burbank Drive, which is also not a moving facility.

Carmen Million of the the Better Business Bureau (BBB) says you should be wary of any company with multiple addresses and multiple names with the same telephone number.

“A warning sign on a company is if, for instance, they have a website and there’s no information on it,” Million said. “You can’t find their physical location. You can’t find them but through an email or text, that’s a concern.”

According to the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC), Fast Affordable College Student Movers is an active certified moving company. However, S&S Moving and/or Starving Student Movers is not, according to LPSC. Fast Affordable College Student Movers has an “F” rating with the BBB and is not a BBB accredited business. When WAFB called the number on Murray’s receipts, the operator answered the phone, saying, “Moving services” and later hung up.

“If they ask for a substantial amount of money up front, then that might be a warning sign,” Million said. "You want to get at least three bids in writing, and you should always get it in writing.”

s Murray pays for her second set of movers, she wants others to be aware.

“I don’t want any other senior citizen to have to go through what I went through,” she said.

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