Zachary Community Home, where alleged mentally disabled man escaped from, has history of LDH violations

LDH records reveal history of problems at Zachary group home

ZACHARY, La. (WAFB) - The Andover Community Home in Zachary, where an allegedly disabled 25-year-old man escaped from and was later shot, has a record of violations with the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), per records obtained by WAFB.


The records obtained from LDH from 2015 to present show one man who stayed at the Andover Home had 19 documented falls and eight visits to the emergency room in one year. Other listed violations from LDH include failures to report incidents to family members, caretakers giving clients wrong medications, and the group home being understaffed multiple times.

During one inspection visit, LDH records show the home was understaffed and the inspector wrote they had to flag down staff in another room because a situation between two disabled clients was getting out of hand and nobody was there to stop it. During that same visit, LDH records say one client was able to run out the door and a worker had to go after him and bring him back inside.

Bobby Perry from Many, Louisiana says his son is the 25-year-old man who allegedly escaped the Andover Home around 1 a.m. on Aug. 10 and was shot. Perry says his son can’t speak or hear and has been on a ventilator and in the hospital since the incident.

“It’s painful, it really is,” said Perry. “It’s painful.”

The group home is privately run, but under state supervision. WAFB reached out to the administrator of the Andover Home and spoke with him briefly by phone. The administrator, D’Adario Conway, said he would call WAFB back, but the station has yet to receive a call back before deadline for this report. WAFB attempted to call back multiple times, but calls were not answered.

Perry says his son is from a previous relationship. He says his son’s mother put him up for adoption and he was unaware of the fact that he had a son until the boy was 5-years-old. Perry says by then, the boy was adopted by another couple, but he was still involved in his life. He says when his son’s adopted parents died, he and his wife attempted to care for his biological son, but say they weren’t trained to take care of the disabled man at that point.

Perry says he placed his son in a group home in Baker, but the home experienced flooding and he was transferred to the Andover Home. He questions the caretakers at the Andover Home on the night his son was shot while allegedly trying to break in to a nearby home.

“What [were] they doing? Where was they at?” Perry asked. “For him to come out of the home, where was his caretaker at?”

His wife, Mary Perry, adds, “What were they doing at 1 in the morning?”

The Perrys say a man with the Andover Home has called to apologize, but that doesn’t fix what’s happened to their son.

"I love him and I miss him and hate that that happened to him,” said Bobby.

An attorney contacted WAFB saying he’s taking on the case for the Perrys.

LDH said in a statement to WAFB that past inspection reports of the Andover Home show issues at the home have been fixed. The full statement reads:

“The Louisiana Department of Health surveys health care facilities such as group homes every 9-15 months as part of our standard monitoring. In addition, the Department responds to complaints by doing additional investigations.

The home must submit a corrective action plan that details how that deficiency will be addressed for each deficiency identified during an investigation.

Some deficiencies that are severe and egregious are termed Immediate Jeopardy. These deficiencies must meet three criteria: (1) noncompliance (2) caused or created a likelihood of serious harm, and (3) immediate action is necessary to prevent the occurrence. In these situations, the facility must respond immediately to remove the threat. Failure to comply can result in the loss of that provider’s license.

The past inspection reports of the Andover home show that all deficiencies identified by the Louisiana Department of Health were corrected.”

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