Parents allege son robbed, pistol whipped after getting into car he thought was rideshare in Tigerland

LSU senior claims he was pistol whipped after possibly getting into wrong rideshare vehicle

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A scary story out of Tigerland, where the family of an LSU senior claims someone pistol whipped and robbed their son, after possibly getting into the wrong car early Tuesday morning.

The family did not wish to speak on camera with WAFB, but told us it all started when their son got into a car he thought was his rideshare outside of Fred’s Bar early Tuesday morning. They say some other people then got in the car, hit him with a pistol, and stole his wallet and phone.

“It’s terrifying," said one LSU student.

“Especially us being girls, like you never know,” said another LSU student.

The alleged story of an LSU student getting robbed and beaten after getting into a car alone he originally thought was his rideshare taking him home from Tigerland, has students on edge.

“It’s baffling," a student said.

“It definitely shocked me," said another.

The student's family tells WAFB he has some bruises, but is okay and they are talking with police.

Meanwhile, other LSU students who visit Tigerland told us this is another example of why they are always vigilant before getting that ride home.

Here’s some of their tips.

“You can check to make sure that it’s your Uber, ask what the name is, what address they were supposed to be coming to was,” said Ian Kelly, a junior at LSU.

“I make sure to check the license plate on the app and check the license plate on the car to make sure it matches,” said Jada Wesley, a freshman at LSU.

“I ask for the name and make sure they ask for mine,” said Sydney Broussard, a freshman at LSU.

These freshmen say being women makes them easy targets, but they’ll now have their guard up after hearing about this alleged ordeal.

"Stuff like that makes me not want to take it at all, ride with a friend," said Broussard.

All of the tips mentioned are mostly what Uber and other ridesharing apps recommend.

The bottom line is trust your instincts before you get into a car alone with while riding.

The family isn’t sure if the driver was posing as a rideshare or if he was really with a company, but says this serves as a warning to anyone using Uber or Lyft.

Uber has a setting which lets you share the location of your ride with a friend.

The Baton Rouge Police Department is looking into the incident and is asking for anyone with information to contact them.

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