Louisiana teen surprises younger brother in silly costumes every day at bus stop

'The Bus Brother' from Central goes viral with uplifting message

CENTRAL, La. (WAFB) - In a hilarious display of sibling love, one big brother is making memories before heading off to college.

Noah Tingle, 17, a senior at Central High School, started a tradition this semester of greeting - and embarrassing - his little brother Max ,12, every day after school.

'The Bus Brother' surprises younger brother at bus stop every day

Each day since Aug. 13, Noah has recorded himself wearing different costumes - from an LSU football player to a firefighter and Elvis and even an inflatable gorilla suit - as he greets Max from the bus.

The after-school antics were shared to a Facebook page Noah created called “The Bus Brother."

"The Bus Brother" greets younger sibling from bus in costumes every day

Since the first videos were published on Aug. 24, the brothers have gone viral.

Max says at first he thought it was weird to see his big brother dressed up like that after school, “but now, I think it’s cool."

On one occasion, Noah dressed up in his favorite Chewbacca costume and waited for his brother in the pouring rain.

Noah says since the uptick in internet stardom, he’s received costume donations from neighbors and community members wanting to keep the brothers’ sweet story and adorable video greetings going all year.

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