2 schools in EBR, 1 in Ascension show greater than 70% top growth in English language arts and math

La. Dept. of Education releases progress report on students

(WAFB) - The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) has released a detailed report about academic progress in the state’s schools.

The report, released Tuesday, Aug. 27, shows several key things:

  • Students are progressing at a faster pace in ELA (English Language Arts) than in math, mirroring recent subject-area state assessment achievement results. The 2019 progress results show that 47% of students achieved top growth in ELA, compared to 44% in math.
  • Louisiana is demonstrating the greatest growth with students scoring Basic in the prior year. This is followed closely by the most struggling students, those scoring Approaching Basic or Unsatisfactory in the prior year.
  • Historically disadvantaged students are making progress, but not at a rate sufficient to close gaps with their peers. On ELA and math assessments combined, 46% of all students in Louisiana demonstrated top growth in 2019, that level was achieved by 43% of black students, 44% of economically disadvantaged students, 45% of English learners, and 42% of students with disabilities. Educators must support these historically disadvantaged groups of students to improve at a faster pace than their peers to close the achievement gaps.

In the Baton Rouge area, several schools in East Baton Rouge and Ascension parishes are showing 70% or better top growth in ELA and math.

Outstanding schools in the greater Baton Rouge area.
Outstanding schools in the greater Baton Rouge area. (Source: Louisiana Department of Education)

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