How to get in free to these museums on Museum Day

How to get in free to these museums on Museum Day
(Source: National World War II Museum)

(WAFB) - September 21 will be a good day for museum-lovers and lifelong learners. On this date, you and one other person can get in free into a museum participating in the Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day. So choose wisely!

Multiple Louisiana museums, including the Capitol Park Museum and National WWII museums, are participating in the annual event organized by the Smithsonian Magazine. You can find a list of those museums here.

You must present a Museum Day ticket, which can be downloaded when you submit your email address.

To get a ticket, go to the official Museum Day web page, and look through the list of museums. Once you find the museum you want to visit, click on the “Get a Ticket” button, enter your name and email address, and download the ticket. The ticket provides free general admission for two people.

Other guests will have to pay admission if you go to the museum with more than one guest. The Smithsonian warns to get there early in case a museum reaches capacity. Otherwise, guests will be limited based on available space.

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